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On the thirteenth anniversary of 9/11 TSA once again demonstrates that the agency is completely useless and a colossal waste of resources to employ a nefarious workforce comprised of criminals, rapists, child molesters, murderers, smugglers and societal misfits.

The agency, which has cost taxpayers a nearly $100 billion in its twelve year existence continues to engage in a charade that ostensibly “protects” the traveling public from yesteryears threats, while DHS concedes that ISIS terrorists are planning to cross the southern border into the US amidst the massive influx of illegal immigrants from South America. The mishandling of the border assault and TSA’s decision to allow people here illegally to board airplanes without identification has led to legislation forbidding TSA from allowing persons with only a Notice to Appear from boarding aircraft in US airports.

Today, another example inanity of the TSA Security Theater was reported in the media. In this case a traveler was confronted after his plane land and he was exiting the airport and told that he needed a full body enhanced pat down because TSA neglected to do it at the departure airport. TSA threatened to have him arrested if he didn’t comply but, like any reasonable person, he refused their imbecilic demand and simply left the airport. Video of the incident was taken and has made its way onto the internet in several outlets.

Meanwhile, Fox News also examined whether TSA actually capable of keeping airports safe and hosted several notable airport security experts including engineer Jon Corbett whose videos conclusively demonstrated that metallic objects could easily be smuggled past both MMW and x-ray body scanners and effectively stopped the further deployment of these devices. In addition, security expert Bruce Schneier and Johns Hopkins researches whose study confirmed, for anyone with a doubt left in their mind, that the scanners can be beaten with minimal effort.

Contrary to the assertions of fear monger and terror profiteer Tom Kean, 9/11 Commission co-chair, TSA is not needed and is depriving America of much needed resources to prevent future terror attacks from ever reaching American soil, instead of paying low life TSA employees to molest children in airport security lines and violate our basic right to privacy.