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It comes as no surprise to many of us who have watched TSA trample the rights of Americans while too many submissive American cowards have sheepishly complied with these obscene regulations, allowing themselves and their children to be effectively. Despite years of warnings from diverse civil liberty groups ranging from EPIC, ACLU, The Rutherford Institute, Pro Publica and Cato Institute.

Given the record of TSA workers during the Obama Administration, it is no wonder that the agency and the White House would prefer to ignore this request given the horrific records of abuses by the low life workers that TSA subjects the traveling public to on a “comply or don’t fly” basis.

This may be an opportune time to review some of the most egregious examples of TSA misconduct, sexual assaults and pedophilia. While this list doesn’t come close to the number of molestations that occur in airport (most go unreported), a partial list of these can be found in the Master List link above which includes TSA abuse and sexual assaults of the general public, the elderly and handicapped, celebrities and children.

The current list (see Master List for links) of sex crimes includes:

Supervisor Vernon Lythcott accused of having sex with minors; Arrested at JFK Airport – ABC News New York – May 9, 2014

TSA Manager Shane Hinkle at Blue Grass Airport charged with sexual abuse of co-worker – Kentucky Herald Leader – Valarie Honeycutt Spears – August 13, 2013

TSA officer Larry Kobielnik arrested for kidnapping, sexually battering – Tampa Bay Times – John Woodrow Cox – July 27, 2013

Police: TSA employee, Miguel Quinones, had child porn on laptop – Fox News Boston – June 13, 2013

TSA Agent Paul Magnuson Arrested for Rape – WOIO CLEVELAND, OH – November 1, 2012

TSA screener Andrew Smeal arrested for child pornography. – CBS4 Miami – Video report – September 13, 2012

TSA agent Jose E. Salgado among 55 caught in child pornography arrests – The Boston Herald – Christine McConville – Wednesday, April 11, 2012

TSA agent Paul David Rains charged in online child-predator sting – Orlando Sentinel – Arelis R. Hernandez- December 15, 2011

Harold Rodman, TSA worker, arrested for sexual assault – WJLA News – Gail Pennybacker – November 21, 2011

Orlando airport (MCO) TSA employee Paul David Rains faces child pornography charges – Orlando Sentinel – Jeff Weiner – November 1, 2011

TSA Manager Bryant Jermaine Livingston Arrested for Running Prostitution Ring – MyFoxDC – John Henrehan – March 28, 2012

Md. TSA Agent Michael Scott Wilson Charged With Child Pornography – ABC2News – Joce Sterman – March 18, 2012

Nashville TSA Agent Clifton Lyles Charged With Statutory Rape – WTVF – Staff – September 20, 2011

TSA employee Andrew W. Cheever faces child pornography charge – MyFoxBoston – Staff – September 2, 2011

TSA Screener David Ralph Anderson Charged with Lewdness and Child Molestation – Elko Daily Free Press -Jared DuBach – August 26, 2011

PHL TSA Screener Thomas Gordon Jr Charged with Child Pornography – Fox Nation – John Shiffman – The Inquirer – April 23, 2011

Orlando TSA agent Charles Henry Bennett Arrested For Attempting To Make 15 year old Girl His ‘Sex Slave’ – The Huffington Post – Staff – May 25, 2011

TSA Agent Dwayne Valerio Arrested for Rape of Juvenile in Londonderry NH – Eagle Tribune – Jillian Jorgensen – April 2, 2011

Logan TSA employee Sean Shanahan accused of raping 14-year-old girl – WHDHTV – Staff – March 9, 2011

TSA Screener Randall Scott King arrested for kidnapping and attempted rape of 14 year old in ATL – Lagrangenews – Staff Reports – November 23, 2010

Disgraced Catholic priest who was defrocked after ‘sexually abusing two young girls’ now works as a TSA airport screener – CBS3 Philadelphia – Ben Simmoneau – May 24, 2012

Police: TSA employee, Miguel Quinones, had child porn on laptop – FoxBoston – June 13, 2013

The story and links follow:

Obama Administration Sued for Data on Sexual Misconduct by TSA Airport Screeners

The Blaze – Aug. 21, 2014 By Pete Kasperowicz 

Judicial Watch Sues TSA over Cover-Up: Passenger Complaints “Assaults Relating to Sexual Misconduct”

Judicial Watch announced Thursday that is has filed a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the Department of Homeland Security to uncover reports of sexual misconduct by airport screeners.

While Judicial Watch agreed to narrow its request for information in March, TSA did not produce any documents at all, “or respond in any other substantive way as required by law.”

The government watchdog group said the issue of sexual misconduct by TSA came to light in January, when a Colorado woman filed a complaint that a frisking she received was sexual assault. Judicial Watch cited a press report in which Jamelyn Steenhoek was quoted as saying the agent touched her in place she’s “not comfortable being touched in.”

“On the outside of my pants she cupped my crotch,” she said. “I was uncomfortable with that.”

“The part of the search that bothered most was the breast search,” Steenhoek added. “You could tell it shouldn’t take that much groping. To me it was as extensive as an exam from my physician — full touching and grabbing in the front. I felt uncomfortable, I felt violated.”

When nothing was discovered, the TSA agent repeated the search.

Judicial Watch said it received assistance in its request for information from Jason Harrington, a former TSA agent who wrote an article for Politico called “Dear America, I Saw You Naked.” That article said TSA agents had a code they used to note when attractive female passengers were being scanned.

“With 56,000 employees and a $7.7 billion budget, the TSA is a massive government agency that requires diligent oversight,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton.

“It is bad enough that many experts argue that it is unnecessarily intrusive and ineffective,” he added. “The fact that TSA would stonewall basic information about potentially egregious and criminal assaults on airline passengers is a further proof this agency is out of control.”


The legal action is connected to a March FOIA request that asked DHS for information about passenger complaints about sexual harassment.


 Judicial Watch Sues TSA over Cover-Up: Passenger Complaints “Assaults Relating to Sexual Misconduct”