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In the week that TSA Administrator and serial groper, John Pistole defended his agency despite a growing chorus of calls in Congress to abolish the agency a woman with a history of stowing away again snuck past TSA security in San Jose and flew to LAX without a ticket or showing identification.

The fact that this woman was able to get aboard and make an entire flight punctuates the belligerence of Pistole’s testimony and him utter lack of credibility and that of TSA on the whole.

In an effort to defend the agency regarding the San Jose stowaway, TSA relied on its usual tactic of blatantly lying by claiming that she was screened despite the obvious fact that she managed to fly to LAX without a ticket. The local TSA propagandist Rosemary Barnes had the temerity to tell KTLA that “The passenger was screened by TSA for any prohibited items. It’s really important to point that out. This begs the obvious question as to whether they routinely perform security screening on un-ticketed people in airports, which would be a new wrinkle and odd behavior, even for TSA.

In his Congressional testimony an arrogant Pistole blatantly lied, denying responsibility for the policies that he created and implemented in October of 2010, many years after TSA was created.

The Hill article by Keith Laing on August 5, 2014 notes: “TSA critics have seized on complaints on social media from elderly passengers and parents of young children who have accused the agency of mistreating them to argue that techniques such pat-down hand searches and X-ray machines invade the privacy of airline passengers.

Pistole said in the interview that TSA was “just following congressional mandates,” despite the occasional criticism from lawmakers. “Congress said create TSA in the aftermath of Sept. 11. Don’t let this happen again,” he said.

“Some would say there has been a hassle factor. Absolutely,” he continued. “That’s been the case where we are patting down 95-year-old great-grandmothers with cancer or taking a teddy bear from a 3-year-old. Those policies have been changed to reflect the intelligence that says those people are probably not terrorists.”

What he fails to say is that those policies only have changed for those who assign up for PreCheck and pay the fee. TSA tried to garner public support by offering PreCheck privileges that exempt the traveler from the routine of disrobing and undergoing a public groping in the security line. However, these free passes will soon be withdrawn from the public at large and only granted to those who sign up and pay up the $85 membership fee and then only when TSA decides to allow those members access to the PreCheck line.

So not only does Pistole want Congress to keep funding TSA to the tune of $8 billion taxpayer dollars each year to do, well, practically nothing of merit, he also wants to be able to collect annual extortion fees from travelers to reduce their chances of being assaulted by TSA while traveling.

With the current cost and harassment involved in flying perhaps more travelers will try stowing away or just take to the highways instead.