This week several media outlets reported that the Director of the TSA Air Marshall program, Robert Bray, abruptly resigned while under investigation of his role in an illegal gun trafficking scheme involving him and a host of other TSA employees. Predictably, TSA is working furiously to cover up this latest incident by dismissing the report as baseless and praising Bray’s work at the agency.

Contrary to the agency’s posturing, there is an ample supply of evidence supporting the contention that like the SPOT voodoo behavioral profiling program, TSA’s Federal Air Marshal program is also deeply troubled. In recent years there have been other incidents involving FAM’s up skirting young women, theft, assault, and frat boy antics that rival those of the Secret Service. TSA employees have also been convicted of gun smuggling, hand gun violations by screeners.

Like the wasteful SPOT program there is no evidence that FAM’s have ever prevented any in-flight incidents let alone intercepted a potential terrorist. This has not stopped the agency’s willful and blatant waste of taxpayer funds on programs and technologies that have done nothing to improve airline security.

Air Marshal Director stepping down amid agency gun scheme probe

By Jana Winter – Published April 11, 2014

The director of the Federal Air Marshal Service is retiring after being investigated for his role in an alleged operation to acquire guns for officials’ personal use, has learned.

Director Robert Bray’s home was raided in December in connection with the ongoing probe, according to sources and documents. Law enforcement and congressional sources told that Bray’s recently announced retirement, which is effective in June, is directly related to the investigation.

Transportation Security Administration officials say no such raid ever happened. But Bray allegedly is among several officials who were obtaining weapons through this operation.

The probe stems from whistleblower accusations involving federal Air Marshal Supervisor Danny Poulos. Sources say the Department of Homeland Security inspector general is involved, and possibly the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. TSA officials disputed that those agencies are involved, but acknowledged that there is an internal review underway by the TSA Office of Inspection into the supervisor’s alleged activity.

The supervisor, a TSA official confirmed to, is “on administrative leave.”

Poulos is accused of using the agency’s federal firearms license and his relationship with gun manufacturer Sig Sauer to obtain discounted and free guns. He then provided them to high-up agency officials for their personal use, according to whistleblower documents obtained by and interviews with multiple officials with knowledge of the ongoing probe.

Rep. Richard Hudson, R-N.C., chairman of the House Homeland Security transportation security subcommittee, wrote a letter to Transportation Security Administrator head John Pistole on Thursday raising “grave concern” about the claims of possible “gross misconduct.” Though Congress is supposed to be notified of these types of probes, when reached by for comment, a spokesman for Hudson said they had received no such notification. He also voiced concern that the director’s retirement “may be directly related” to the investigation into the activity. Further, he complained that Congress was not notified of any of this.

Hudson gave Pistole until next Friday to provide more information on whether illegal and/or unethical activity took place and other details. attempted to reach Bray for comment via email, but has not received a response.

Reached by phone on Thursday, Poulos told “I don’t have a comment.” Poulos’ lawyer also told it was premature to speak on the record about his client.

The DHS-OIG office said it would not comment on “investigative matters,” when reached by

The details in Hudson’s letter square with accounts from whistleblower documents and other sources.

“The DHS IG is presently investigating a pervasive personal gun purchasing issue at the FAMS. The investigators are quietly calling in federal air marshals that purchased weapons from [the supervisory agent] out of his federal government office and taking photographs of the [sic] each gun’s serial numbers,” one document obtained by said.