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Sometimes the irony of certain actions is so unbelievable that it defies comment.

TSA officers to demonstrate for worker protections Wednesday

Washington Post – By Josh Hicks – February 12,2014

Transportation Security Administration employees plan to demonstrate Wednesday afternoon at their agency’s Arlington headquarters, calling for expanded worker protections as their union holds its annual conference in the nation’s capital.

The American Federation of Government Employees, which represents TSA employees, expects at least 125 transportation-security officers to gather for the event, demanding the right to appeal disciplinary actions to a federal review panel.

Most federal employees, including TSA managers, can appeal personnel decisions to the Merit Systems Protection Board, but TSA’s rank-and-file can only request internal reviews from their agency. AFGE said in a statement on Tuesday that “denial of independent appeal rights to TSA officers unfairly singles them out for less due process than all other TSA employees.”

TSA, which employs about 45,000 transportation-security agents at more than 400 airports, contends that its current review policies are adequate. “All TSA employees have the right to file formal grievances for disciplinary actions and workplace disputes,” said TSA Press Secretary Ross Feinstein. “TSA’s Office of Professional Responsibility monitors all oversight of cases to ensure discipline is appropriate, consistent, and fair across the agency.”

The demonstration on Wednesday coincides with AFGE’s annual conference in Washington, which started Sunday and lasts until Wednesday.