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Just as Congress considers legislation to replace TSA screeners with private screening firms, TSA workers continue to be their own worst enemy and alienate the traveling public by proving that they are indeed really as bad as we think they are.

This time the thugs in blue fell one arrest short of the trifecta by having two TSA screeners arrested in the same week.

The most egregious being a TSA Supervisor Angel Caban who was fired and under arrest for stealing from passengers at Charlotte airport. Meanwhile another member of TSA’s finest, Brian Dowdy, had himself arrested yet again on a DUI charge, reinforcing the absurdity of TSA’s ludicrous statements about holding their screeners to the highest standards.

Lest anyone think that these are isolated incidents, social media was lit up over the recent holidays regarding the staggering number of thefts occurring while traveling through TSA checkpoints.

For those keeping track, the current count for TSA since January 2011 now totals 113 crimes with133 screeners arrested including 21 sex crimes 16 of which involved children.

Fired TSA supervisor in custody on larceny charge

NBC Charlotte WCNC – January 15, 2014; By RICHARD DEVAYNE

A recently-fired supervisor with the Transportation Security Administration is in custody on a misdemeanor larceny charge in connection with the theft of an iPad from Charlotte-Douglas’ lost and found.

The agent, identified as 33-year-old Angel Fransico Caban, was recently  promoted to supervisor at the airport and was fired after police found an iPad; the iPad was left in the airport’s lost and found, and was later recovered from inside the former TSA agent’s home, according to police.

Police had been notified that for months some items passengers had left behind were missing from the lost and found area. They launched an investigation, which eventually led them to Caban’s home. “It’s disappointing. Unfortunately those things happen but can’t be tolerated either,” said Mike Kelsey, “There’s a trust factor… it’s not a perfect world.”

TSA spokeswoman Sari Koshetz said via email “TSA has zero tolerance for theft” and “the employee has been terminated”. The investigation is ongoing, Koshetz said.

Caban is charged with misdemeanor larceny. Police said Caban could face additional charges as the investigation continues.