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While TSA awkwardly attempts to improve its image by producing a creepy cartoon video intended to convince children and adults that being groped by a stranger in a TSA uniform is fun and the strip searched Indian diplomat Devyani Khobragade continues increase tensions with India, TSA decides to create another international incident by strip searching a Russian celebrity in Miami. The strip search of Ksenia Sobchak would have gone unnoticed except that she is a celebrity in Russia and that she recounted the assault.in her tweet.

As usual, TSA calls the victim a liar and states that none of her clothing was removed, which is exactly what they said after the strip searches of Linda Kallish, Ruth Sherman and Lenore Zimmerman, which they later recanted and admitted the women had indeed been strip searched. The agency is now being sued by two the victims. In those cases TSA originally stated “all screening procedures were followed” including a ban on “strip searches.” then later admitted wrongdoing, saying “that screeners violated standard practice in their treatment of the ailing octogenarians last November.”

There have been other high profile strip searches as well, such as Shoshana Hebshi and Melinda Deaton others that have been largely overlooked such as Mary Gruning and Michelle Dunaj. Other travelers have been exposed in public by careless TSA screeners such as a Congressman’s niece, a Florida woman and a Texas woman whose top was pulled off in Corpus Christi airport exposing her breasts.

Unfortunately, these abuses have not been limited to strip searches but have included even more egregious assaults including feeling around inside an ABC producer’s underwear, reaching inside of an elderly woman’s bra, back room searches that would be considered sexual assault anywhere else pulling breast prosthetics out of women’s bras without consent.

While TSA consistently denies these charges, it is clear that there is a serious management and oversight problem within TSA and that these abuses have been happening on a regular basis for over three years and that despite the hundreds of documented incident the vast majority go unreported. It remains cold comfort that at least TSA screeners haven’t been caught taking pictures and video of the strip searches like their counterparts in Australia, at least not yet.

Russian TV presenter claims strip-searched at Miami airport

The Moscow News – by RIA Novosti, January10, 2014

Russian TV celebrity and socialite Ksenia Sobchak has said she was strip-searched at Miami Airport after a security check wrongly detected explosives on her fingers, a claim the US authorities have denied.

Sobchak, 32, formerly the host of a long-running reality show and now an anchor at an independent TV channel, claimed on Twitter she was “lost for words” when she was asked to strip naked before she was allowed to proceed to the flight to Moscow.

Sobchak said she had a spa massage with jojoba oil mixed with glycerin before boarding her flight that might have triggered the airport’s security equipment. She said she was told that this happens two or three times a day at the airport.

US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) spokeswoman Sari Koshetz admitted Sobchak had been searched but denied the claims she was asked to strip, saying searches at the airport do not require any clothing to be removed.

Sobchak, known as a family friend of President Vladimir Putin, was returning from a Christmas party in Miami that attracted many Russian celebrities.