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A week after noted Israeli airport security expert, Rafi Sela, publicly criticized TSA as being ineffective and dangerously stupid two airport perimeter breaches, one in Newark and another in Phoenix, on Christmas Eve have confirmed his assessment.

Sela noted in the interview that TSA couldn’t stop a 6-year old with a water balloon and ridiculed the agency and its inferior workforce for substituting wholesale harassment of passengers instead of focusing on professional security practices.

In the two incidents, the culprits managed to breach the perimeter of the airport and reach taxiing aircraft unabated. Both culprits appear to have been under the influence of drugs or alcohol and one was even dressed as a woman during the event, highlighting how easy it is for someone to threaten an aircraft without ever nearing a security checkpoint.

Unfortunately, these incidents have occurred before and TSA attempted to conceal many of them by conveniently omitting them from reports,

Experts have been critical of TSA’s overly intrusive procedures as ineffective and noted that the future risks to aircraft are not likely to be initiated from inside the plane but rather from the ground by smuggling an explosive devise aboard plane by bribing a TSA worker or airline ground crew. There have been numerous incidents of TSA workers smuggling drugs or guns through security and those were likely only a portion of the smuggling activity occurring on a regular basis,

So instead of TSA removing diapers from grandma, groping or strip searching her they should be focus on where the real threats lie, not in performing some faux security theater that does nothing to protect travelers.

Airlines and passengers should demand that TSA be replaced with legitimate security professionals and send these clown show actors back to fast food and convenience stores where they belong.