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Demonstrating yet again that their sacrosanct security procedures. like groping your children and taking your water, aren’t really important when celebrities are involved, TSA allows Madonna to not only bypass the metal detector, scanner and bag check but screeners actually provide cover prom the paparazzi.

As if the double standard weren’t bad enough, keep in mind that taxpayer funds are providing this “special” service to Madonna, while elsewhere in LAX some grandmother from Iowa is getting harassed by one of these creeps.

Will there be a formal investigation of why this happened? Don’t hold your breath.

Will the screeners, supervisors and TSA management disciplined for this misconduct? Not a chance.

Will this flagrant violation of security procedures and TSA misconduct continue? Absolutely.

At least TSA is reliable when it comes to misconduct and capricious behavior. Enjoy your trip.

Madonna and the TSA