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tsa doggie trading card 1

From the federal agency which couldn’t catch a terrorist if their life (or yours) depended on it — never mind that dozens of known terrorists are known to have already passed undetected through their checkpoints — comes this latest wasteful debacle.  Not content with wasting billions of Americans’ hard-owned dollars on worthless voodoo mind-readers, they are now equipped to hand out doggie trading cards on your trek from the mind-meld with your local voodoo practitioner (officially designated as a “Behavioral Detection Officer”) to your gate.  According to the Washington Post, the handlers of their 107 dogs will be giving out trading cards with their mutts’ portraits and vital information.

tsa doggie trading card 2

Sorry if you’re unemployed and losing your health insurance, but perhaps a doggie trading card would brighten your day?  After all, you’re paying for it!

tsa doggie trading card 3