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TSA Screener Miguel Angel Quinones
67 Whittemore Ave., Manchester, New Hampshire
now indicted on 25 child pornography charges

From New Hampshire we learn that now-former TSA screener & alleged pervert extraordinaire Miguel Angel Quinones, already facing a number of child pornography charges, has been indicted on an additional three counts of possession of child sexual abuse images and two counts of attempted possession, thereby raising his net total of child pornography charges to 25.  According to the Londonderry Patch:

Londonderry Police were initially notified by the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force in January that Quinones was being investigated for possession of child pornography. He voluntarily turned over his personal computer and three USB thumb drives to ICAC investigators. The laptop and thumb drives were located in Londonderry at the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport in his personal, employment locker. Quinones was then an employee of the Transportation Security Administration.

If you aren’t already wondering what imagery is in a screeneri’s head as he or she is searching, scanning, feeling, groping and fondling your child, maybe it’s time you started wondering?