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According to police, there were drugs were found in the car where TSA screener Ernesto Lluberes’ body was found on November 10. 2013. In addition to the drugs, he also had a number of designer handbags that he was selling as a sideline.

The amount of drugs was deemed too large for personal use but the investigation has not concluded whether or not he was distributing drugs or transporting them. The origin of the bags is also unclear and it wasn’t immediately clear whether they were genuine or counterfeit or whether they were legitimately purchased or stolen.

At this point what is clear is that the dead TSA screener was involved in criminal activity. The only questions remaining are who killed him and how deeply involved in crime he was while being paid by taxpayers to assure airport security.

Based on recent reports one thing is clear, there is a horrific crime problem among TSA screeners and there is little doubt that issuing any of them firearms would ultimately prove to be a fatal error. Unless there is a significant effort to purge TSA of its criminal workers, or preferably replace the agency with local police, things will only continue to deteriorate and increase risk for travelers .

Slain TSA officer had drugs in car
Glenna Milberg, Reporter, – November 19, 2013

The South Florida Transportation Security Administration officer found shot to death last week had drugs in his car and side businesses he hid from his family, sources told Local 10.

Ernesto Lluberes’ wife last saw him a week ago Saturday night when he said he was leaving for his overnight shift as a TSA officer at Miami International Airport. But he had already called in sick for that shift.

About four hours later, at 3 a.m. Sunday, Lluberes was found shot to death in the driver’s seat of his pick-up truck under a railroad overpass in Liberty City, more than 30 miles from home.

In his truck, crime scene detectives found drugs in powder form — too much for one person’s use — Local 10 has learned. It’s unclear whether drugs or dealing played a role in his murder.

Lluberes also peddled designer handbags, Michael Kors bags specifically, to his TSA coworkers at the airport, though it is unclear if they were authentic or counterfeit.