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On the heels of the news of another TSA murderer comes a more humdrum and far more prevalent TSA crime, theft form passengers. The arrest came after she stole $700 while working as a TSA screener and there is no indication that this is the first or only incident.

This has become an illicit perk that has been rampant among TSA workers in airports since TSA came on the scene. For the record, there have been 130 TSA workers arrested in the last three years including 21 arrested for sex crimes including 16 involving children, over 35 for theft, 12 for smuggling contraband through security and two for murder. In that same period 9,600 were fired or disciplined for misconduct at work.

Maybe it’s just me, but TSA seems to be recruiting from general population in prisons. In any case, there is no excuse for this level of criminal conduct in an agency charged with airport security and adorned with undeserved tin badges.

TSA Worker at DFW Airport Markeia Mimms Pleads Guilty to Stealing Passenger’s Cash
Dallas Observer – By Eric Nicholson Mon., Nov. 18 2013

Last month, it was the arrest of almost two dozen agents who were engaged in a hard-to-explain but apparently lucrative scheme involving stolen parking placards. This month, it’s a TSA agent who just straight-up took a passenger’s money.

The agent, Markeia Mimms, pleaded guilty Monday to stealing $700 cash.

Federal court documents don’t say exactly how she stole the cash, only that “it had only come into her possession and under her control by virtue of her authority as a TSA Officer with the expectation that it would be returned.”

So, maybe she came upon while searching someone’s bag. Maybe it came up during a cavity search. Either way, she wasn’t supposed to take it.

Mimms now faces up to a year in prison.