For background, first read Bill’s immediately preceding post (DoJ Threatens Blogger After They Release Court Documents) and Alex Jones’ original coverage (Internal TSA Documents: Body Scanners, Pat Downs Not For Terrorists).

I’ve downloaded both the redacted and unredacted versions of Jon Corbett’s brief, run them through a PDF comparison utility and grabbed screen snags of the differences, which are presented below.

I’ve leave any commentary to Bill, since he’s already been looking at this for the last couple days.

The Redacted vs. Unredacted Difference

(Save your eyes — click on the images to enlarge them!)








The following page 97 was present only in the unredacted version:



Additionally, Jon’s summary declaration at the end of the brief was missing a page in both versions.  This was probably just a simple oversight, but I’ve assembled the entire declaration:




And finally, worth noting but not reproducing, page 22 of the unredacted version was missing in the redacted version.

Since TSA adopted its molestation tactics in October, 2010, most frequent fliers have argued that this abuse was unnecessary because the cockpit doors had been hardened shortly after 9/11 and cited that passengers would retaliate against any would be terrorist trying to hijack a plane.

TSA summarily dismissed this argument, saying that they “had evidence” that terrorists were plotting to mount another attack any day now.

After a long three years, almost to the day, and over $22 billion later, we see TSA arguing the same point that they have been dismissing to extort more money from taxpayers for the workfare program known as TSA.

Incredibly, they also concede that there was no basis for deployment of the invasive body scanners after wasting $300 million on the dangerous and intimate backscatter x-ray scanners which have since been removed and will likely end up as scrap or auctioned for a fraction of their cost.

However, given the level of corruption now rampant in Washington, we can expect that the Department of Justice and the sycophant media outlets will suppress this information or ridicule it as absurd, even though it is confirmed by the perpetrator, TSA.