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The DoJ has now joined TSA in defending its unwarranted abuse and humiliation of travelers.

Following stories in recent weeks about TSA needlessly molesting handicapped travelers, sick children and adding yet another sex offense to the list of twenty TSA sex offenders arrested in less than three years, the Justice Department is now threatening to punish engineer Jon Corbett for their mistake.

If it isn’t absurd enough that TSA airport announcements threaten travelers about mocking their security theater, mow the questionably name Justice Department joins TSA in denying Americans the due process that was once a right of all Americans by demanding that the plaintiff stop publicizing documents that TSA and DoJ are responsible for releasing!

It is frightening that American government now has more in common with that of Soviet East Germany than the American system we knew only 25 years ago.

The story from Before It’s News reveals the following:

Jon Corbett, the engineer and activist challenging the constitutionality of the TSA’s body scanners and pat downs, has received a call from the Department of Justice stating he violated a court order sealing the documents that Infowars made public yesterday, even though the court had “accidentally” published the documents on a public site.

Redaction shows TSA is aware explosives on airplanes “are extremely rare.’

On October 7, Corbett filed with the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit both a redacted and an un-redacted version of his appellate’s brief, in which he laid out his case for the ineffectiveness of the scanners and grope downs by citing information obtained through the TSA’s own Administrative Record – a document only available to Corbett and his attorney through the legal process of discovery.

Although the un-redacted version of his brief was properly labeled a “sealed” document, meaning not it was not meant to be public someone erroneously published the doc at PACER.gov.

The “sealed” version of the brief, which contained direct quotes from the TSA’s Administrative Record, and which also spoke to the TSA’s knowledge that there is no actual “threat-addressing” basis for the nude body scanners or invasive pat downs conducted at airports across America.

Given the weekly stream of abuses and crimes stories that we have witnessed over the past three years, it isn’t any wonder that TSA wants to conceal the truth about their massive workfare program disguised as airport security