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Where were you on September 11, 2001?  Like the Kennedy assassination 38 years earlier, it’s a day that most of us who were alive at the time will never forgot.

Three major changes have assured that 9/11 is unlikely ever to happen again:

  1. Cockpit doors are now secured, and crews and passenger on on alert  to keep intruders out of cockpits.
  2. Pilots are now armed, at their option, as Federal Flight Deck Officers.
  3. Passengers will now resist rather than comply.

These critical changes beg the question as to why we have 55,000 TSA screeners engaged in a continuing show of security “theater”.  Europe and Australia have relaxed.  You can leave your shoes on in Europe, and you can greet your friends at the gate in most Australian terminals, after you pass through their security checkpoint with your shoes on, your laptop still in its case, and your ID in a wallet that’s still securely in your pocket.

TSA, in its 12 years of harassing existence, has yet to catch a single terrorists, and they probably never will.  Besides the endless theatrics, we now have warehouses of obsolete equipment — puffers and x-ray scanners — that never should have been rolled out in the first place, and more warehouses full of one of the best screening tools in their inventory: The hand-held metal detector, which they have abandoned.

Meanwhile In Los Angeles today, the only hint of terror comes from TSA itself, where now-former TSA employee Nna Alpha Onuoha is under arrest on suspicion of making threats that resulted in the evacuation and search of several terminals at Los Angeles International Airport.

Thank you, TSA, for twelve years of colossal bureaucratic failure and abuse.