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The 1st of September seems an ideal moment to reprise the recent arrests of half of dozen thieves and sex criminals who once worked for the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).  Note that half of those arrested were supervisory personnel in some capacity.

The discussion links will open the respective threads for each individual arrested.

Schindler Trevor Lee

Trevor Lee Schindler, worked for TSA at Portland International Airport [PDX] until last November, arrested June 4, now under federal indictment for a March 12 bank robbery

Quinones Miguel

Miguel Quinones, “lead transportation security officer at Boston-Manchester Regional Airport [MHT], arrested June 12 after child pornography was found on a laptop in his locker at work


Tracy Leanne Owens aka Tracy Leanne Burnett (photo not available), screener at Honolulu International Airport [HNL], arrested in July and accused of stealing cash from a passenger in the screening line a month earlier

Kobielnik Larry

Larry Kobielnik, now-fired Tampa-area baggage screener for TSA, also a former Tarpon Springs police officer, arrested July 26 for kidnapping and sexual battery, had been investigated for a similar allegation in 2002

Hinkle Shane

Shane Hinkle, TSA manager at Kentucky’s Blue Grass Airport (LEX), charged with sexually abusing one of his co-worksers twice on July 31 and twice on August 4

Kerene Helen Kimberly Mohammed 108 Bright Shade Court Holly Springs, North Carolina

Kerene Helen Kimberly Mohammed, TSA supervisor at Raleigh-Durham International Airport [RDU], fired after she was arrested August 22 for shoplifting at a local WalMart store