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Just as dead clocks show the correct time twice daily, so, too, does TSA get things right once in a while, and we intend to call attention to those rare moments in this blog.

Gossip Center reports on a priceless egalitarian moment that happened recently at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX):

The celebrity couple (Olivia Wilde and her fiancee Jason Sudeikis) tried to go through the VIP line, but the vigilant agent called them back and double-checked their papers twice. Perhaps he never watched “”House” or simply doesn’t find “Saturday Night Live” funny – whatever the reason, after a lengthy delay the official sent them all the way to the end of the security line. The humbling episode unfolded in front of a long line of other travelers, patiently waiting their turn at the gate.  (Gossip Center:  But We’re Celebrities! Jason Sudeikis & Olivia Wilde Denied Special Treatment at LAX, August 19, 2013).

Here at TSA Today and at our affiliated site Travel Underground, we are strong believers in the U.S. Constitution and our Bill of Rights, and it’s refreshing to hear of government employees serving up a healthy dosage of equal protection under the law.